Linda LamonLinda is a UK based songwriter, composer and lyricist (PRS/BASCA (Now Ivor’s Academy)/PPL).
She studied music theory at The Ridge College in Marple, Cheshire and has received professional coaching in voice, guitar, double bass and mandolin.
Linda has performed as a singer/guitarist/mandolin/double bass player as a solo performer and collaborated with musicians at festivals and concerts in the UK, Europe and the USA. She has also organised interactive workshops for under 5’s at schools, libraries and music festivals in the UK, teaching children how to create and engage with songs and rhymes. Click here to view some of the people that Linda has collaborated with.
Her song catalogue includes a mix of material from classical, folk, rock and pop. Four of her pieces are now part of the British Music Collection (The New Woodland Song & Rainbow of Light, The Bells of Bere Regis and Freedom For Me).


SEVENTY ALBUM                    Release date 17th November 2022

Hold On In Love’s Name semi-finalist in UK Songwriting Contest

LOOK TO THE UNIVERSE EP  Released 26th August 2022

Semi-Finalist in the TALENT IS TIMELESS song competitIon with HOLD ON IN LOVE’S NAME

FREEDOM FOR ME single release 19th July 2022

REAL LOVE (single release) 14th February 2022


PEOPLE LIKE YOU, PEOPLE, LIKE ME, (single release)  November 2021

ARE WE ALONE? single release October 2021

CREATURES OF THE WOOD single release June 2021

ABOUT TIME 2 ALBUM  single release June 2021


Linda’s single Hold On In Love’s Name is released ahead of her  first solo album ABOUT TIME 1. October.

Rainbow of Light Anthem released as a single to support the NHS Charities Together.

Rainbow of Light Anthem, performed by Katerina Mina,  features in the concert gala for the 90th birthday of the Hamburg Planetarium.

Linda starts on her new country album, ‘About Time’,  collaborating with musicians in Nashville, USA.

Linda’s works are included in the Sound and Music project for International Women’s Day.


A single from the EP Nature’s Universe, Look to the Universe,  was released to celebrate the late Prof Stephen Hawking’s birthday on January 8th, receiving radio play and interviews on Uk radio stations.

Linda releases her single I Will in digital stores.


Linda released an EP containing five of her works, plus a remix, featuring soprano Katerina Mina.

Two of the pieces from ‘Nature’s Universe‘ were performed live by Katerina at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on May 16th.

Look to the Universe  opened the ceremony, after an introduction paying tribute to the late Professor Stephen Hawking, who inspired Linda to write the song.

Rainbow of Light anthem closed the successful event and was also performed by Katerina in London in June the same year from the Pyramideon outside Trinity House.


Linda received confirmation that her new piece Look to the Universe will be performed by soprano Katerina Mina at the UNESCO HQ in Paris during Spring 2018 to celebrate the inaugural International Day Of Light, which will be an annual event worldwide.

Linda released two songs via her digital distributors Horus Music, which are now available via iTunes and other digital stores, including Amazon and Spotify.

Walking In May’s Wood , sung by a Dorset children’s choir, is also scheduled to be used as the main track for a video that Brian May’s Save Me Trust are planning to make to promote May’s Wood in Dorset.

Freedom For Me, performed by soprano Katerina Mina, is a shortened single version taken from an EP track that will feature Katerina singing five of Linda’s classical cross over songs, including a composition she arranged as a tribute to Professor Stephen Hawking.


Rainbow Of Light, (classical version) inspired by the International astronomy/music festival Starmus 111 and sung by the International soprano Katerina Mina, officially supported UNESCO for their International Year Of Light 2015, which involved 60 countries worldwide.

The work opened the official Cyprus IYL event and was played in India, Italy, Russia, Brazil, USA, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the UK at IYL events during 2015. Katerina Mina performed this song live, plus two additional pieces written by Linda at Laser Florence in Italy and in Bristol, UK.

The video of a later version, also released in 2015, was screened during the film festival  at the IYL  Closing ceremony in Mexico in January 2016.

Linda LamonOne of her more fun pieces, 189 Durley Chine, which Linda composed on her ukelele, was featured in a UK seaside tour with the Hugs Bison theatre company .


Linda composed two songs to support Dr Brian May’s environmental projects. The Badger & The Wren and The New Woodland Song.

The New Woodland song was performed live for Dr Brian May for his inaugural tree planting ceremony in Dorset and was broadcast by BBC Southwest Today and Wessex FM. The songs received widespread publicity in newspapers throughout the UK and on digital media.

Linda has three times achieved a semi-finalist position in the UK International Songwriting Competition with People Like You, The Bells of  Bere Regis and Rainbow of Light.

Previous Compositions and Experience


A CD compilation of country songs included Linda’s composition I Will

The work had airplay on American radio stations and BBC Radio Manchester, plus BBC Radio 2.

Fly The Kite For The City, performed by a children’s choir, The Alicia Bardsley Singers, promoted the Manchester Olympic Bid and was broadcast on national TV and radio in the UK.

Click here to see a history of Linda’s Recording career.