Linda Lamon has been busy working in her home studio during lockdown in the Covid-19 crisis, and has created ten new tracks.

The instrumentation for the original songs – a mixture of country, soft rock, pop, folk and ballads, have been recorded in Nashville, USA.

Linda has been working remotely with Tommy Harden, from

who has produced the musicians on his side of the pond, to create the drums, keys, mandolin and guitar parts.

“Some of the pieces have been waiting in the wings for a while to be developed, whilst others were written more recently.  Being forced to stay at home during the pandemic has given me the opportunity to sort them all out for recording.

It’s been a bit of a challenge but it’s all beginning to come together now.  Tommy and his team have done a great job and I’m really excited about adding the vocals and final touches over the next few weeks.” Linda said.

Watch out for the tracks later this year.







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