International Year of Light

Rainbow of Light

Inspired by the science, arts and music International event STARMUS, Rainbow of Light, written by Linda Lamon, has been instrumental in this worldwide celebration during 2015.

This is what John Dudley, President of the European Physical Society and chairman of the IYL2015 Steering Committee has to say about the impact of Linda’s music worldwide.

“The International Year of Light IYL 2015 is a year-long worldwide celebration that aims to raise global awareness of the various ways in which light impacts on us all in areas such as science, technology, art and culture. In proclaiming IYL2015, the United Nations has particularly recognized the importance of light-based technologies in promoting sustainable development and in providing solutions to global challenges in energy, agriculture and health. The theme of light and its bridge across science and culture is also essential in education and in addressing gender inequality worldwide.

Rainbow of Light, composed by Linda Lamon and performed by soprano Katerina Mina, has already been of tremendous support and value to the International Year of Light throughout 2015. The song, which is listed on our website as an official musical resource, has to date been heard by large audiences at official IYL2015 events in Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, India and Norway and is scheduled to play in Brazil, Poland, Hungary, the USA, Canada and the UK during autumn 2015.”

With the global celebrations coming to an end in January 2016 and a closing ceremony in Mexico on February 2nd- 5th, the IYL has been a wonderful opportunity for people worldwide to open their minds and hearts to the significance of light in our lives.

“Katerina and I have been truly honoured to have been part of this unique and inspirational¬† year long International theme and the song will continue to remind us of the questions that still remain for humanity regarding our place in the Universe and whether light can help solve the mystery.” said Linda 

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