Walking In May’s Wood

This song encompasses all that is May’s Wood.  I had been visiting the woodland on a regular basis, through all the seasons, for almost four years since the inaugural planting day on September 28th 2013.

Each time I ventured into this magical space with my camera, there was always something of natural beauty to surprise and delight me, whether it was Spring, Autumn, Summer or Winter.

I have been captivated by the gradual growth of the young native trees with their different shaped lush bright green leaves and the beauty of the virgin blossoms has taken my breath away.  The shrubs that have been carefully selected to line the wide pathways,  provide bright colour and fragrance.

Butterflies, bees, moths,  small creatures, wildflowers and dozens of grass species now share this wonderful safe haven – and I was inspired to celebrate this in song.

Geulder New shoots & Gorse May's Wood © Linda Lamon 2017Wafaring May's Wood © Linda Lamon 2017Cherry blossom © Linda Lamon 2017butterfly  Mays wood wildflowers © Linda Lamon 2017



It seemed very obvious to me that I had to make the piece upbeat and mention walking as so many people now find so much joy strolling through the wood.  I was careful to try and include all the key things in the lyrics that moved me, such as watching the swallows appear every April and mentioning the main planting of oak.

I also wanted children to sing it as the future of the wood is in the hands of the next generation – and that was Dr Brian May’s vision, to hand it down for generations to come.  I was very lucky that Darren Bartlett from DMB Music agreed to let his youth choir Dynamix rehearse the folk song.  They had so little time to practice and record it, but they did really well.  The proceeds from the iTunes MP3 download of Walking In May’s Wood will go to Brian May’s Save Me Trust who will work to ensure we can continue to enjoy and appreciate what nature has to offer.


(c) Linda Lamon 2017