Freedom For Me

Freedom For Me

“This dreamy, floaty ballad was always meant to be performed by a soprano. I felt this soon after I wrote the song, after walking through a sunlit Brabyns Park in Marple Bridge, next to the meandering river Goyt.”


I had my music player plugged into my ears as I strolled happily along the tree laden path, listening to some Chris Rhea tracks, watching the leaves rustle in the light breeze and thinking about a friend who was working late again.

I'm free 2 Brabyns21 © Linda Lamon 2015






Our positions were so different in life.  I was going through a challenging time looking for work and he was running a thriving business. I was content possessing little more than I actually needed if it allowed me to take time out to connect with nature.  In turn, I always went home after my walks feeling lifted and more positive about my job search the next day.

My friend however, seemed to spend each day stressed out about making more money to buy bigger cars, spend cash on expensive clothes and meals out with an array of different women…but none of these material things made him any happier.

‘Freedom for me, but not for you’, I thought as I wished that I could persuade him to join me one day to experience the simple joys of nature.

I tried a few different versions of the song, but it was not until Katerina Mina heard it and decided to record a track that it really came together.

Working with producer Nigel Stonier, it was a bit of a challenge coming up with something that represented those moments,  but Katerina really loved it and Nigel felt it was worth trying.

Katerina and I are treading new ground here, experimenting with something that has not really been tried before – crossing  a classically trained soprano voice with a folk/pop ballad that I composed on guitar.

Nigel at work in Airtight1

Nigel Stonier working on the ambient keyboard effect heard in the song.

Nigel and Katerina worked well together to achieve what we are now happy with. Piano and bass has taken the place of acoustic guitar and we have added a cello and some ambient keyboard sounds to help with that dreamy effect.

I hope there are some people out there who will enjoy the music we created and who knows, we may well inspire some more to get out into nature.








(c) Linda Lamon 2017