HOLD ON single cover.Linda Lamon

The realisation that we have lost over 50% of wildlife in the last forty years, along with 95% of wildflower meadows, inspired Linda to write Hold On In Love’s Name.

Her concerns are shared with Surrey based wildlife charity the Save Me Trust , http://www.savemetrust.org headed by Dr Brian May, who in 2013 planted 100,000 native trees on 160 acres of former farmland in Dorset.


“We desperately need our  woodlands so that we can create habitats for a declining wildlife population. Our ecosystem is reliant on the tiny insects and bugs working on the ground, the birds and bees that pollinate our wildflowers  – and the native trees that are vital for balancing carbon emissions.  They are also a very healing place for humans.” Linda said.

The Greater Manchester (Stockport) based songwriter put herself in Mother Nature’s shoes when writing the lyrics, wondering whether somehow the natural world can feel the seismic shift currently taking place .

” We need to start giving Mother Nature a hand to stop a travesty in the next fifty years or so, which will affect our grandchildren and future generations. We need to put right whats gone wrong , which has put our planet on a precarious path.”

You could say that the country style pop song is a call to arms, with it’s catchy chorus reaching out to people, urging them to hold on (think on) stay strong (be brave). make right what’s wrong – and to do all this in love’s name. (Respect, understanding).

Linda will be donating a percentage from the sales of the single to The Save Me Trust, which she has supported for the past seven years with music, writing and photography.

“Brian, his CEO Anne Brummer and staff work really hard to protect the creatures that ultimately contribute to our own survival.”

Hold On In Love’s Name is released on September 7th 2020  and can be pre-ordered from August 20th .