Don’t Say A Word

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The Story Behind The Song

The arrangement of acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, bowed double bass and drums allows this song to be sensitive yet upbeat in parts. I was careful to get the balance right in the music to reflect the positive side of a delicate subject. It was a bit of a challenge getting my ideas across to other musicians with this one. There are strong influences of my bluegrass background here. Lynton Guest did the final mix and it is beautifully sung by Anuska.

He lay there, quietly waiting.
We knew this time would come.
From the moment we were told
Life would not always go on.

Our love grew stronger,
No obstacle got in the way
As we journeyed bravely
Making the most of each day.

We don’t say a word
We were close enough to know
It was his time to find peace
And for me to lovingly let go.

Don’t Say A Word was awarded a Commended Entry Certificate in the Acoustic/Folk Category in the UK Songwriting Contest 2014.